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Fraud Protection

Texas Community Bank’s fraud detection services offer our customers the opportunity to instantly identify and respond to unauthorized transactions.

Fraud Center Alerts

All of our customers with a debit card are automatically enrolled, for free, with our Fraud Center that will monitor debit card activity to detect unusual or suspicious transactions.  

If you receive a Fraud Center alert, your debit card will be blocked until you confirm your transactions.

How will I receive Fraud Center alerts?

  • First, you receive a text message.  Whether the transaction was authorized or not, respond as indicated in the text.
  • If you do not respond within 5 minutes, you will receive an e-mail with a list of transactions to review.  Use the links in the e-mail to respond if the transactions were authorized or not.
  • If you do not respond to the text or e-mail, you will receive a series of phone calls to the different numbers we have for you.  During this call you will hear several transactions to verify and instructions on how to respond.
  • Text messages and phone calls are made to U.S. phone numbers only.
  • Message and data rates may apply based on individual data plans.
  • Reply “STOP” to discontinue receipt of text alerts at any time, or “HELP” for the customer service number.
If I receive an alert and my card is blocked, what do I need to do to keep using my debit card?
To unblock your card, you must respond to any of the Fraud Center alerts and confirm that all transactions were authorized (no fraud).

What happens if I confirm fraud?
Your debit card will be cancelled and the debit card must be replaced.
What if I confirm fraud by mistake?
If you accidentally confirm fraud to an alert, contact the Bank as soon as possible.

If you find that your debit card was blocked by the Fraud Center, but you did not receive any of the alerts, please get in touch with us to verify your contact information.

For additional questions, please contact Texas Community Bank at (956) 722-8333.
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