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Important Notice

Upcoming Changes To Our Debit Card Monitoring Feature


Though our smsGuardian messaging services will no longer be available as of April 30, 2021, we are happy to announce an upcoming update to our TCB Mobile app that will give you more control over your debit cards!

A new version of our mobile app, expected to be released in the coming weeks, will not only offer you access to view your TCB accounts, but will provide a more interactive experience in managing you debit card alerts and enabling certain controls to best fit your needs.

With our new mobile app’s Manage Cards feature you can receive alerts on every transaction, turn your card on and off for enhanced security when you know that your card will not be used or that your card has been misplaced, and even restrict activity based on amount, merchant, and location – whether in your home town or abroad!
Please continue to visit our website for updates and announcements on the official release of our new TCB Mobile app.