Woman making a transaction with a card

Important Notice

From data breaches and cyberattacks to debit card scams, identity theft is a constant threat!  It is very important that you take every precautionary measure available in order to avoid a disaster.



  • Keep up to date with news and current events to learn of any data breaches that might affect you and follow up with any recommendations provided by the news outlets or breached companies.
  • Learn about the different risks involved with sharing your information online, protecting your online credentials, and how to safely use electronic devices.  Visit our Cybersecurity Tips page for helpful information.


  • Monitor your debit card activity!
  • Enroll your Texas Community Bank debit card in smsGuardian and receive text messages for every debit card transaction you make.
  • You will be contacted by our Fraud Center whenever there is a block or an alert on your debit card.  Learn how our Fraud Center works so that you can quickly respond and cancel your debit card if necessary.
Visit our Fraud Protection page for additional details and information.