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Our Officers

Board of Directors

Douglas G. MacdonaldDirector/Chairman/President/CEO
Sheryl A. Cox | Director/Senior Exec Vice President/COO
Joaquin G. Cigarroa, III | Director/Senior Exec Vice President
Douglas M. Brice | Director
Juan B. Carranza, III | Director
Radcliffe Killam, II Director
Francisco G. Noriega Director
Richard E. Sames Director
Steven Trautmann Director
Dr. Carlos Vela, Jr. | Director

Laredo Region Officers

Douglas G. Macdonald | President/CEO
Sheryl A. Cox | Senior Exec Vice President/COO
Joaquin G. Cigarroa, III | Senior Exec Vice President
Lyssa P. Gonzales | Exec Vice President
Mario J. Gonzalez | Exec Vice President
Colleen Guerrero | Exec Vice President 
George D. Kazen | Exec Vice President
Tom J. McSpadden | Exec Vice President
Ricardo Peña | Exec Vice President/Cashier
David Reuthinger | Exec Vice President
Joe Sanchez | Exec Vice President
C. Edward Whitworth | Exec Vice President
Eloy Cantu | Senior Vice President
Oscar Cisneros | Senior Vice President
Alberto De Llano | Senior Vice President
Rachel Garcia | Senior Vice President
Carlos Gutierrez, III | Senior Vice President
Yolanda Jimenez | Senior Vice President
Estela Martinez | Senior Vice President
Blanca E. Perez | Senior Vice President
Ana Vazquez | Senior Vice President
Maria Amezcua | First Vice President
Fabiola Erhard | First Vice President
Melanie Gonzales | First Vice President
Jose A. Palacios, Jr. | First Vice President
Linda Peña | First Vice President
Oscar Peña | First Vice President
Abelina V. Perez | First Vice President
Lourdes B. Pineda | First Vice President
Irma Delia Silva | First Vice President
Hector Caballero | Vice President
Violeta Esparza | Vice President
Amelia Falk | Vice President
Ma. Antonia Flores | Vice President
Linda Flores | Vice President
Mary Garcia | Vice President
Luis J. González, III | Vice President
Pat Gonzalez | Vice President
Jerome Jordan | Vice President
Blanca E. Lopez | Vice President
Reagan Macdonald | Vice President
Silvia Ornelas | Vice President
Rosaura Rivera | Vice President
Lourdes Rodriguez | Vice President
Rosa Trujano | Vice President
Patricia Caballero | Asst. Vice President
Robert Dodier | Asst. Vice President
Brenda Galvan | Asst. Vice President
Sandra Garza | Asst. Vice President
Blanca Lopez | Asst. Vice President
Elyza Lopez | Asst. Vice President
Monica Lopez | Asst. Vice President
Cynthia Martinez | Asst. Vice President
Ruben Montoya | Asst. Vice President 
Venessa Nuñez | Asst. Vice President
Jessica Orozco | Asst. Vice President
Laura A. Reyes| Asst. Vice President
Gloria Rocha | Asst. Vice President
Joe Salazar | Asst. Vice President
Gustavo Santos | Asst. Vice President
Anna Vidaurri | Asst. Vice President
Priscilla Cedillo | Financial Services Officer
Lorena Cruz | Financial Services Officer
Monica Harrison | Financial Services Officer
Avery Jackson | Financial Services Officer
Martha Keiser | Financial Services Officer
Miguel Martinez | Financial Services Officer
Nadia E. Perez | Financial Services Officer
Annabelle Sosa | Financial Services Officer
Maria Teresa Ochoa | Asst. Loan Officer
Leticia Romo | Operations Officer
Joe Rodriguez | Credit Administration Officer 
Dolores Martinez | Jr. Compliance Officer
Rosa Martinez | Jr. Compliance Officer
Lizette Carrera | BSA Analyst III
J. Roberto Gutierrez | BSA Analyst III
Jessica Gaona | BSA Analyst II
Sylvia D. Lopez | Central Loan Processing Department Officer

Austin Region Officers

Sean DentonSenior Vice President
Cary Mansfield | First Vice President

Del Rio Region Officers

Sylvia B. OwensExec Vice President
Irene A. Garcia | Vice President
Pedro Bermea | Vice President
Norma L. Garza | Asst. Vice President/Branch Operations Manager 
Beverly Rosas | Asst. Vice President/Branch Operations Manager
Diana Hernandez | Asst. Vice President/Financial Services Officer
Jaime Chapa | Financial Services Officer
Aracely Cordova | Financial Services Officer
Maria del Refugio Lopez | Teller Supervisor

San Antonio Region Officers

Adam Garza | Exec Vice President
Jesse Navarro | First Vice President/Regional Operations Manager 
Jorge A. Saucedo | Vice President
Giselle Valdez | Vice President/Branch Manager
Laura Sandoval | Asst. Vice President/Branch Manager
Luis Gutierrez| Asst. Vice President
Alex Longoria | Financial Services Officer
Kenton C. Kadilis | Credit Administration Officer
Hector Longoria | Asst. Cashier

Somerset Region Officers

Mary Ann Akers | Vice President
Joanne Garcia | Financial Services Officer
Ginger West | Asst. Cashier

Valley Region Officers

Rogelio Moreno | Exec Vice President
Guadalupe Carmen Casanova | Vice President
Jonathan R. Coody | Vice President
Consuelo Gonzalez | Vice President
Concepcion Gutierrez | Vice President
Amparo Lozano | Asst. Vice President
Roxanna J. Sanchez | Financial Services Officer
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