Commercial Customers

Texas Community Bank is committed to community businesses

Texas Community Bank understands the importance of having a bank that will assist you with all of your business needs.  From your business checking accounts, business loans to direct deposit for your employees to help save time and money.

1. Conserve time, money and paper with Texas Community Bank’s convenient accounts with online banking, bill pay and ATM services

You will reduce the time it takes to pay your bills and save on the expense of printed paper checks and postage while helping the environment as well.


2. Borrow Wisely

Work with Texas Community Bank for your lending needs for vehicle loans, office loans and RLOC.

  • Commercial Loans We offer a full array of commercial loan products- secured and unsecured; Commercial mortgages; Operating lines of credit
  • Letters of Credit
    • Documentary / Commercial / Financial
    • Standby / Performance / Payment
    • International Documentary Collections


For help determining the best practices and products for the sound and productive money management during your particular life stage, please contact us at 1-956-722-8333 or email us.

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